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      Roman Centurion   

My artisanship is heavily influenced with the Greco-Roman period in creating the centurion. The sculpture took a year to build—three months in the headdress alone. The Roman Centurion can be seen at my gallery. That's the Colonial Gallery in Spartanburg SC by appointment. I'll talk more in depth about the sculpture in my Post. Watch for it in a few weeks.   H 68'' W 29'' D 34"

Roman centurion, handcrafted by welding flat bar pieces together, he's also wearing a Greco Roman headrest fashion to look like a lion head.
Roman Centurion A unique metal sculpture, a man wearing a lion head dress both or made from steel flat bar cut in to small pieces, then fashion on a anvil and welded together.
Roman centurion this picture is showing the Greco Roman headdress made to resemble a Lions head it has hair ears nose mouth teeth it is created from small pieces of steel.
Roman centurion side view of this sculpture of a man wearing a Lions head dress is mounted on a granite pillar made from four slabs of granite which are lifted from the ground by four eagle talons with are grasping four balls.
 Roman centurion, the metal sculpture is mounted on a pillar of granite four slabs put together are lifted from the ground by four eagle talons which are grasping four ball they have caste inside in order to roll the sculpture a round.
Roman centurion, this shows the unfinished work the face with no eyes or teeth or ears the head dress is not finished there is no hair or lions mane.
Romans centurion in the process of being creation the metal is being ground, and a lot of work still needs to be done.
Roman centurion in this Picture shows me grinding on the raw metal unfinished, in the process of creating a unique metal sculpture.
Roman centurion this picture showcases the head of the sculpture showing the man's face also the lion head dress also the lions mane.
Roman centurion this is a close-up of the lion head dress it shows the Lions nose eyes and top of the head.
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