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One of a kind sculpture a full-size man with a Osprey Landing on his arm constructed from small pieces of flat bar welded together.

King Nebuchadnezzar II

A unique metal sculpture, a man wearing a lion head dress both are made from steel flat bar cut in to small pieces then fashioned on a anvil then welded together.

Roman Centurion

My arts escaping, is a metal sculpture of a nude female from the waist up secured to a granite blockIs by her left hand.

 My Art is Escaping

Four tails, is a large metal urn with four faces and hands breaking through the sides of the urn.

Four Tales

Metal magnolias, a large magnolia branch with six blossoms made out of steel.

Metal Magnolias

 Wolverine, this is a metal sculpture of a wolverine mounted on a slab of gran.


 Wooden hand, this is a metal sculpture of hand made out of steel to resemble wooden hands.

Wooden Hands

Lilly's, a metal vase field with a bouquet of lilys made from steel.


Leaping Tiger, a metal sculpture of a tiger leaping through a bush that's growing out of a hamper basket.
Magnolias in a red vase, this is a sculpture of a vase with Magnolia blossoms.
Lovers in an old oak tree,This is a metal sculpture of two arms and hands one holding a bouquet of roses.
Babylonian War Horse, a horse sculpture suspended in a hoop that moves in the wind.

Babylonian War Horse

Leaping Tiger

Magnolias in
a Red Vase

Lovers in an Old Oak Tree

Unicorn, this is a close-up of a unicorn made out of metal.


Pinecomb, A metal sculpture made to resemble a pinecone.


Greek War horse, Images of a horse crafted from steel mounted in a hoop that moves in the wind.
Coral Sea, steel art made to resemble coral the sea floor.
First hands, two hands grasping each other made out of steel.
Hornets nest, a metal sculpture created it to resemble a hornets nest made from steel.

Greek War Horse

First Hand 

Coral Sea 

Hornet's Nest 

Iron trees, large metal sculptures of four trees.

Iron Hardwood Trees

Red rooster, Rooster Windvane mounted on a base

Red Rooster

Comet, a large metal sculpture.




Wall art two birds made from metal.
Seagrass, metal creation to resemble seagrass.


Iron tree, a tree created out of steel.

Iron Lady


Iron Tree

Bluejay and Yellow Finch

Iron tree

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