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I tried my hand at different kinds of art. This is my interpretation of a bluejay (H 14'' W 8'' D 2 3/4") and a yellow finch (H 13 1/2'' W 10'' D 2 1/2"). They are handmade and hand-painted 

 Bluejay crafted out of steel.
Cotton blooming, creating metal cotton Blooming with cotton.
Seagrass is a creation of expanded metal and wired to resemble Seagrass.

H 56 1/2'' W 15'' D 10"

Yellow finch crafted from metal.
Pinecone, a metal sculpture formed to look like a pinecone.

Pine Cone
H 44'' W 30'' D 7"

A female's head crafted from steel.

Iron Lady
H 21'' W 12'' D 11"

H 10 1/2'' W 10 1/2'' D 8 1/2"

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